Credit Union Growth & Collaboration

MEMBERS Development Company is a network of credit union industry leaders conducting R&D initiatives focused on delivering meaningful solutions to the 21st Century demands of consumers. Combined, our owners serve 14.5 million members, hold nearly $206 billion in assets, maintain over 1,800 branch locations across the nation, and employ more than 37,000 employees.

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We have ongoing projects in several areas involving automation, including robotic process automation and chatbots. As part of this work, we have performed pilot projects with industry-leading vendors, demonstrated those results to our owners, and formalized relationships with preferred vendors to offer premium services to our owners at discounted rates.


MDC’s NextUP program is the credit union industry’s preeminent innovation training and development opportunity, bringing together our owners’ best movers-and-shakers and brightest up-and-comers to lead credit unions into the future. Each year we invite our owners to send one representative to the program, during which they receive intense innovation and ideation training from leaders in the field; come up with their own ideas to propel the credit union industry forward; are guided researching the idea more deeply; and are supported through pitching the idea in front of the entire MDC network. Our most recent cohort is 56 strong and is in the process of developing new ideas to present to our owners at our February Owner Meeting. For more information on NextUP, click here.