Credit Union Growth & Collaboration

MEMBERS Development Company is a network of credit union industry leaders conducting R&D initiatives focused on delivering meaningful solutions to the 21st Century demands of consumers. Combined, our owners serve 14.5 million members, hold nearly $206 billion in assets, maintain over 1,800 branch locations across the nation, and employ more than 37,000 employees.

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Total Rewards

In an increasingly competitive market for share of wallet, MDC owners need a response to popular reward programs offered by big banks and credit card companies. In this project, MDC will research how our owners can analyze the spending history and habits of members and create a rewards program providing maximum benefit.

Member Score

We all know our members are more than just their FICO score. In this project, MDC will research and develop a plan for implementing a “member score” system that also takes into account other information about a member applying for a loan, like their history with the credit union, assets, or level of education. This will help loan officers make better decisions about the credit worthiness of members who otherwise might be denied a line of credit.