MDC is

Your credit union’s million dollar R&D budget. We look for the ideas you missed while doing your job all day. We celebrate new discoveries. We ask the hard questions:

  • “Why have you always done things THAT way?”
  • “What can you say NO to?”
  • “Who is your primary competition?”
  • “Why should consumers care about credit unions?”

While you’re busy running the business and putting out fires, we’re watching the horizon.

We believe in research driven BY our owners FOR our owners and the power of partnership.

We are

  • Unique—this small group of owners (50+ credit unions credit union service organizations) gives each one a big voice to their big ideas.
  • Thought-provoking—we host semi-annual owner meetings that include stimulating content and unique speakers and offer opportunities to network and build relationships with other progressive and innovative people who want to get things done.

Our Owners

Are at the heart of every decision we make. Yet having the most owners is not our goal at MDC—it’s having the right owners. Our strength comes from the rich experiences, deep insights, and positive energy of those who share the MDC vision.

Fast facts

Our MDC owners represent:

  • $140.3 billion in assets
  • $100 billion in loans
  • $38.8 billion in mortgages held
  • 10.1 million members
  • 6.3 million checking accounts
  • 25,952 employees
  • 1,308 branches

As a group we boast:

  • 10.4% capitol ratio
  • 89.7% loan to share ratio
  • 2.5% member growth

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