MDC’s NextUP program is the credit union industry’s preeminent innovation training and development opportunity, bringing together our owners’ best movers-and-shakers and brightest up-and-comers.

Through our exclusive program, staff from our ownership receive innovation training, project development support, and strategic growth coaching from Avtex, an industry-leading consultant with which MDC has deep ties.

“MDC is in a unique position to drive current and future differentiation for credit unions in a market place that is crowded with financial service offerings. The NextUP program is the “jet fuel” for credit union distinction, personnel development, and innovation skills and capability development.  Avtex is honored to help facilitate the research, innovation and NextUP program activities.  The ideas that incubate from the program activities are the future competitive advantage for the MDC owners. The skills that the NextUP participants develop will equip them to be future leaders.” – Kurt Schroeder, Chief Experience Officer at Avtex

While participating in NextUP, our owners’ representatives work from July through February, including four days of in-person training and working sessions. During these eight months, participants receive intense innovation training and are guided through developing new, actionable project ideas to propel the credit union industry forward and help our owners compete both today and over the next two decades with the goal of pitching their ideas to MDC ownership at our February owner meetings. Recent NextUP ideas that became MDC projects include Anywhere Banking, Car Sharing, Chatbots, Member Score, VR/AR Banking, and more!

“The ideas and research coming from the NextUp Program are completely unlike any other program in the movement. There is no other group that not only develops the initial idea but then spends the following 12 to 18 months bringing it to reality. Ideas, backed by research, partnerships, and execution can change the world.” – Kris Kovacs, CEO, Constellation Digital Partners

The value of this program is tremendous and a win-win for owners. Their staff participate in world-class professional development, bringing back practical innovation techniques to their home credit unions and getting valuable experience developing actionable project ideas for MDC—and participation in this valuable opportunity is already included with MDC ownership, so our credit unions only pay for their participants’ travel and accommodation expenses.

All MDC owners are encouraged to send one participant to our NextUP program each year. Please contact Kent Zimmer if you are interested in knowing more!

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