Being part of MDC has allowed Campus USA Credit Union to explore numerous subject matters that we would not have normally had time to pursue.  Being able to collaborate with MDC executives has provided value well beyond any monetary value.  I would strongly recommend MEMBERS Development Company to any credit union looking to collaboratively tackle the challenges facing our industry today and tomorrow.

Jeff Thieman
Campus USA Credit Union

Being an owner of MDC and belonging to the network of progressive and innovative credit unions has provided significant value to Catalyst Corporate FCU.  Access to outstanding research, expertise and the timely topics discussed at the owner meetings, has provided our corporate credit union tremendous insight in to improving our organization and innovative process.   I highly recommend any credit union join MDC.

Kathy Garner
President & CEO
Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union

Its important to stay plugged into the latest potential disruptions taking place in financial services – MDC helps us stay ahead of the curve.  Larger credit unions need to invest some dollars into research and development in order to stay on top of developing technologies,  with MDC we get much more bang for our buck by leveraging collaborative initiative investments.

Frank Weidner
President & CEO
Wings Financial Credit Union

Great job with this last owner meeting. I really thought we hit on all cylinders with every aspect. Great speakers, great projects, great updates, great panels.

Robert S. Lockett, III
Chief Strategy Officer and SVP Diversified Services
Workers Credit Union

Participating in a MDC Joint Project was a great experience. There was value in the collaboration and in learning new ways to identify gaps and respond to improvements for our Member’s experience.

Patti Dixon
VP of Member Experience
Baxter Credit Union

MDC consistently supplies our credit union with relevant, real-world information that we would have neither the time nor financial resources to obtain on our own.  They welcome and make it easy for us to involve multiple levels of staff in the various projects.  We also appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with industry experts and vendors in a non-sales environment.  Probably above all, MDC’s two annual owners meetings provide ample opportunity to network and share ideas with the most progressive credit unions in the country.

Mike Goodman
Chief Information Officer
Alabama Credit Union

The Owner Meetings are a great place to network with the industry’s brightest minds and leaders about actionable initiatives that will advance Bethpage’s strategic plan.

Kyle Markland
Chief Operating Officer
Bethpage Federal Credit Union

We benefit from the combined research and development of nearly 50 progressive credit unions and, in turn, we are able to deploy our resources to help bring meaningful initiatives to reality. Ownership will also allow us to use that R&D to determine what will work well for Meritrust and, equally as important, what will not.

James Nastars
Meritrust Credit Union

We are impressed with the professionalism of the MDC staff, and the quality and relevance of their research. We look forward to working collaboratively with MDC’s owner credit unions, which have demonstrated a proven track record of innovation.

Wayne Grossè
Bethpage Federal Credit Union

Putting 40-plus credit union industry leaders in a room with top-notch speakers and subject experts makes for lively discussions and lots of new information.

Lee Butke
MDC Board Member
President/CEO of Corporate One Federal Credit Union

We’ve always found MDC to be an excellent resource for research and information that has allowed us to remain at the forefront of the financial services industry. Our participation in MDC research projects has enabled our credit union to get top-notch research at a fraction of the cost of doing the research ourselves. In addition, the networking at each of MDC’s two annual meetings is invaluable in helping to move our credit union forward.
John Wagner, Senior Vice President-Member Experience, Wings Financial Credit Union

John J. Wagner
Senior Vice President – Member Experience
Wings Financial Credit Union

The value of MDC has always been in assembling forward thinking credit unions to solve challenges and business issues collectively. We get the benefit of a far larger research budget with many creative minds working together. We believe it is the ultimate win-win for us and the other MDC owners.

Tom Moore
Executive VP

We have been members of MDC for a few years now, and we are very impressed with the team they have! They are insightful, inquisitive, and love to dig into the gory details. The owner meetings provide a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and hear about what they are doing in their CUs, and just discuss what the future holds for our industry. MDC also has fantastic speakers that you don’t hear at other conferences, and they are very thought-provoking. As an owner, we have access to Tower Research papers that we couldn’t afford on our own and, of course, all of that research and vetting of vendors. You can’t hire your own employee and do what they do for what they charge the owners! It is money well spent!

Laura Campbell

Collaboration and cooperation is at the heart of what makes credit unions so successful and relevant. Working alone, we fight a tough battle. Working together, we can leverage our collective talent and ideas to learn and explore how we get better at serving members and growing our organizations. That’s at the heart of what MDC is about. Our engagement with like-minded, innovative credit unions through MDC is a major part of our research and development program. We believe in growing, innovating and winning — and we’ve found many similar friends and partners through MDC. MDC’s current focus on mobile, payments and improving the member experience is a great fit with our current priorities. And the ROI on our annual investment is —- priceless.

Chuck Purvis
Coastal Federal Credit Union

The MDC owners meetings provide updates on current research activities, allow for input on the usefulness of the project and allow for input on spending additional time and resources on the activity. Owners are also given the opportunity to collectively decide and prioritize on future research and development ideas. The evenings allow for excellent networking with peers and other Credit Union decision makers.

Carroll Scarborough
Pen Air Federal Credit Union

Our credit union has been an MDC owner for a few years and during that time we have gained tremendous value. The MDC staff does a great job keeping up with industry trends and choosing relevant projects to tackle to help credit unions remain innovative and competitive. And the networking I have done through MDC has led to great connections and opportunities. We love being a part of MDC!

David Hufnagel
Congressional Federal Credit Union

We have been owners of MDC from the time it was formed and utilize MDC as a valuable source of idea collaboration, thought leadership and pooling of resources. The value we derive from MDC is not only in the research and development and incubation of ideas, but also in having a structured forum where we can engage with others to address both business challenges and opportunities.

Tom Moore

MDC provides a great forum for owner credit unions to vet research ideas and concepts as a collective group before moving forward with any development work. This provides the owners an opportunity to spend research dollars once, evaluate the potential impact, and determine if MDC should pursue the idea further through a stage gate process. The MDC research and development process ensures a careful eye on cost and a thorough discussion on the benefits of taking the next step with a broader audience of credit union peers.

Dan McCue
Senior Vice President
Corporate Administration, Alaska USA Federal Credit Union

I definitely see the value in joining MDC’s collaborative forum.

Liz Miller
VP, Member Experience
Affinity Credit Union

MDC provides it members with an unparalleled opportunity to engage – through project participation, meaningful educational experiences, networking and ongoing conversation. The work done by the MDC team brings tremendous value by ensuring their members do not overlook important trends or insights that inform critical strategic decisions, and by bringing those members together for collaborative progress.

Amy Fuller
Vice President, Innovation Strategy
Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union

MDC is a great resource for our credit union to stay on top of industry trends and innovations.  When a credit union engages in MDC project work, their findings are shared via the MDC Connect portal to benefit all MDC members.  We have participated on a number of projects driven by MDC and Baker Tilly (one of their affiliated partners) and think highly of their teams.  We also enjoy networking at their two annual meetings, comparing notes and identifying opportunities to partner with other MDC members.

Willis Chang
Vice President, Innovation and Application Delivery
Kinecta Federal Credit Union

Our credit union has been an MDC owner for a few years and during that time we have gained tremendous value. The MDC staff does a great job keeping up with industry trends and choosing relevant projects to tackle to help credit unions remain innovative and competitive. And the networking I have done through MDC has led to great connections and opportunities. We love being a part of MDC!

Andrea Brown
Director of Market Data
Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union

MDC does a wonderful job presenting key findings & through collaboration we can team up with peers to discuss how to apply these learnings.

Jimmy Lovelace
Vice President of Branches
Community First Credit Union

I think MDC’s projects & research hit the mark for the majority of credit unions.

Amy Fuller
Vice President, Innovation Strategy
Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union

At the most recent MDC Owner Meeting we met another CU over lunch and found out that we were working on the same initiative and are now considering teaming up. That alone was worth the whole trip. The whole event was well executed, the rooms were very nice, and the food was yummy. Kudos to your MDC team!

Laura King
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
LGE Community Credit Union