Research and Development


As the evolution of technology continues to increase in speed, so must the credit union industry’s ability to assess, react to, and embrace new developments. Both new and ongoing technological revolutions like the Internet of Things, 5G wireless communications, and the increasingly digitized way in which all aspects of life is experienced will be fundamental to any financial institution’s delivery model over the next decade and beyond. MDC is focused on those technologies and developments that will have the biggest impacts on the ways credit unions and their members will navigate the future together. Current and past projects and research have focused on the practical applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, distributed ledgers (blockchain), biometrics, and more. Our owner meetings also feature engaging and thought-provoking presentations from technology innovators and leaders from flagship technology firms like Microsoft and Verizon as well as other leading firms dedicated to making sense of it all like Gartner and the Institute for the Future.