2016 Summer Owner Meeting—“Emerging Opportunities”

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Calling all owners! Registration for our Summer Owner Meeting is now open in MDC Connect—we will be back at theWit in downtown Chicago August 3-4. So, what hot topics are on the agenda and what is the value in attending this whirlwind event? Let’s take a look!

A Knockout Agenda

We strive to bring in the best in the business to present, network with, and inspire attendees at our Owner Meetings—and this event is no exception! We are bringing in the varsity squad to discuss our theme of “Emerging Opportunities;” presenters include:

  • Tom Fishburne, Marketoonist,Building the Right Marketing Mindset for the Modern Digital World” Tom’s Marketoonist cartoons have been featured in notable publications such as Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. Tom will tie his experiences into the CU industry noting that with each new wave of technology, credit union brands have more opportunities to connect with consumers, and can do so more directly and deeply than ever before. This keynote session will show you how to forge the foundation and framework of the marketing mindset required to succeed in the modern digital world.
  • Kris Kovacs, Coastal Federal Credit Union, “From Cocktails to Collaboration” MDC owners generate lots of great ideas and not just at cocktail parties! How can we take those ideas, vet them, and bring them to market without getting bogged down before the discovery phase even has a chance to begin?  We’ll review the first-hand account of the process our very own owners have used to create the first Credit Union-owned Digital Service Platform.
  • Robb Best, Best Mindframe, “The Marketing Brain—Four Essential Patterns”—Evaluations revealed that our owners loved what Robb had to say at our last Owner Meeting (the only presentation in the history of MDC owner meetings to score a perfect 4.0!), so we’ve brought him back to create some more buzz. In this session, we will understand the four communication patterns and how a standard ‘one size fits all marketing and selling approach’ will only reach about 25% of your intended audience. Discover how to communicate with 100% of your audience. Learn how to quickly judge the power—or lack thereof—of your selling process, websites, print, and visual media campaigns.
  • Jacqui Kearns, Affinity Credit Union & Patti Dixon, Baxter Credit Union, “Member Experience—Onboarding/Engagement Project”— This was a recent joint MDC/Owner project with these two Credit Unions that cultivated relevant and meaningful results. Hear first-hand insights from these owners and learn about the value of a joint project, which are a great way to receive tailored and tangible results that can be directly implemented into your credit union.
  • So much more!— For a full look at the agenda, visit MDC Connect.

The (HUGE) Value

We cannot stress enough the value that these first-class events provide for our owners. Not only will you hear from presenters both inside and outside of the industry, but you will be surrounded by industry leaders and innovators. Our network of credit unions allows for a creative space to discuss the industry and anticipate what’s ahead. At MDC, we are concerned with the issues that will be affecting our owners in the future—we want to prepare you for these challenges and give you the resources and tools needed along the way. Our Owner Meetings give you a chance to gain insights into the issues relevant for your credit union, create lasting relationships with your peers, our staff, and our experts, and propel your credit union’s success. Register now in MDC Connect or email Sarah Lietz with any questions about this event.

See you soon in Chicago!