2018 Summer Owner Meeting Recap

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Thanks to our owners, speakers, and sponsors, MDC’s 2018 Summer Owner Meeting was a huge success! With nearly 200 owner participants on site, this was the largest meeting in our history! While some of this was certainly due to our recent growth, we also had the highest number of attendees per owner, with an average of over three representatives from each of our owner credit unions that attended the meeting. Check out what we discussed and what our owners have to say below!

“Absolutely LOVED this conference. Met amazing people and had a great time. Easily one of the best.”
Liam Petraska, Michigan State University FCU

For the first time, we met at the Langham Hotel, right on the Chicago River! Our owners loved the new venue and the new mobile app that helped them navigate the meeting, access session materials, and connect with each other!

“Great location, phenomenal hotel accommodations.”
Chris Willey American Eagle Financial Credit Union

“Really like the new app. [I liked being] able to view the agenda with the slides, [and it was] much easier to take the surveys. [I also] liked the notifications—and really liked being able to connect with and message other attendees.”
David Elliott, NASA FCU

Our sessions started with the newly rebranded Innovation Council, which is now known as NextUP. Over two days, 51 participants from our ownership were led in industry-leading innovation trainings from futurethink while developing potential project ideas. They’ll continue this work over the next eight months with our trusted advisors at Baker Tilly and will conclude their work by pitching their final ideas to the next owner meeting in February.

“MDC is amazing!!!! I have never felt so connected and dialed in. The team is great, energetic and super welcoming. The other members of MDC—from the owners to the NextUp team, to the vendor partners—are engaging, bright and truly driving our industry to great heights! I can’t wait for [the next NextUP session in] Austin!!! Go team NextUp!”
Beverly Smith, Space Coast Credit Union

After NextUP’s sessions concluded, the full owner meeting got underway with nearly 200 owner attendees. The first day kicked off with excitement over our recent growth, with MDC having added 14 new owners so far this year, and that excitement continued with our keynote speakers, Hector Monsegur (AKA Sabu) and Chris Tarbell, who told their tales as the elite hacker and the FBI agent who caught him. Their insights into cyber security and the need for constant vigilance were great to hear.

“Great perspectives on security. Excellent stories that make the cyber-security space real and actionable.”
Rich Scholes, Ent Credit Union

Following the keynote, our trailblazing owners, project partners, and subject matter experts updated attendees on our projects, including our work with Member Loyalty Group regarding new member onboarding, our work regarding the student loan crisis with CFSI and fintecs ChangeEd and Peanut Butter, and the results of owner pilots in robotic process automation (RPA) in collaboration with Pegasystems and Baker Tilly.

“I love the Changed app and how easy it is to use. As a former HR Director, the Peanut Butter project will be a fantastic addition to employee benefits.”
Michele Harris Alabama Credit Union

“Good presentation [on RPA]. I can certainly see how the rate-change bot would save the marketing lots of time and reduce the risk of errors. I think the bots will improve efficiencies and consistency.”
Michelle Troha, First Florida Credit Union

Day two of the meeting kicked off with talk about our relationship with Constellation and how, as an MDC project, they grew from an idea hatched among our owners to the CUSO that gathered the largest capital raise in the history of the credit union industry ($32.5 million!). Fintec partners Andy Schmidt and Marc Miller then gave an update on our work within the Internet of Things and voice commerce spaces and in piloting with WalletFi. MDC staff Kent Zimmer and Michael El Koubi then gave updates on last February’s Innovation Council/NextUP projects and their upcoming pilots (Chatbots, Total Rewards, Member Score, and Auto Sharing). Brian Hamilton of CU Direct also spoke at length about the auto sharing models most applicable to the credit union industry.

“[Constellation is a] game changer and [I] would love to learn more. [It] ensures participating credit unions will remain relevant and grow market share! ”
Jody Caraccioli, Neighbors FCU

“Great outcomes from NextUP! We are interested in piloting multiple solutions!”
Duane Wilcoxson, Interra Credit Union

Finishing out the meeting, MDC’s own Jeff Kline and Institute for the Future’s Jake Dunagan gave an update regarding our new Scenario Planning project, after which owners participated in one of two Deep Dives on innovation thinking or CU relevancy (with trusted advisors futurethink and Gro Solutions) and then a workshop to get a head start on scenario planning work.

“Who knew thinking about innovation could be so much fun?! Wish we could have played with the play-dough.”
Elizabeth Alden Elevations Credit Union

Want to learn more? Stay tuned to MDC Connect, as we will be posting videos of each session for our owners to review and share with their staff in the coming days! And don’t forget to save the date for the 2019 Winter Owner Meeting in San Diego on February 5-6!