Another Successful Winter Owner Meeting—Building Toward Success

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Wow! It is hard to believe another Owner Meeting has come and gone—what a whirlwind! We want to extend a BIG thank you to all attendees. We had 99 owners and 30 guests attend, making for a record-breaking event. Our owners also sent an average of 2.5 individuals per attending credit union, which is the largest number yet! The room was definitely filled with the best and most innovative minds in the industry and the result was captivating.

Innovation Council Meets Before the Big Event

Our 2017 Innovation Council (IC) met the day before the owner meeting to finalize their project presentations. Since meeting in August 2016, IC participants dedicated their time to researching and further developing one of the four top project ideas:

  • Retirement Readiness Tools
  • Cloud-based Bill Pay
  • Automated Account Switching
  • Instant Auto Loan

We are now looking for feedback from our owners on these ideas and will scope next steps based on what we hear. If you are interested in learning more about Innovation Council or participating in our next group, please contact Kent Zimmer.

Special Speakers Make a Huge Impact

We brought in some of the best speakers from inside and outside of the industry to get our owners thinking big. Some of our speakers included:

  • Len Forkas, philanthropist, author, and endurance athlete—In his book, “What Spins the Wheel,” it all started several years ago, when Len learned that his son Matt had leukemia. Len immediately began searching for a way to help Matt, now an adult, cope with the debilitating loneliness and isolation that occurs with all children during treatment. At a time when webcam technology was still in its infancy, he pioneered a way for his son to connect digitally to his classmates. In 2003, he founded Hopecam, a non-profit dedicated to providing the same for cancer-stricken children around the world. To raise funds for Hopecam, Len competed in the 3,000-mile, 9-day, cross-country bike race, Race Across America. Based on that race experience, Len shared team-building lessons such as the power of forgiveness and gratitude, knowing your limits, and honoring roles.
  • Brian Walter, IBM—Brian is the Global Industry Leader for Banking and Financial Services within the IBM Watson Group. Watson is one of the most significant innovations in the company’s 103-year history and represents a new era of information technology. Brian’s responsibilities include solutions design and product management for Wealth Management and Banking, leading transformation programs for Watson FSS Clients, leading global go to market activities and use case development. Additionally, he is a key member of the group responsible for evaluation and recommendation for acquisitions and partnerships within the Watson Financial Services organization. Brian discussed the emergence of artificial intelligence and the limitless power of our fast-paced technology-driven world.
  • Derek Frost, CEB Towergroup Research—Derek is Principal and Executive Advisor in the financial services practice of CEB, where he specializes in retail and commercial banking. For over 15 years, he has helped financial services executives around the world develop and execute their key initiatives. For our recent Owner Meeting, Derek brought in the latest research from CEB to educate us on how to face the ongoing challenges of the ever-changing financial landscape.
  • Deep Dive sessions on Journey Mapping and Compliance and Technology

  • MDC Project Updates on
    • Personalized marketing
    • Member loyalty and satisfaction
    • Member experience in the contact center
    • Mortgage buddy
    • Financial education

For a full list of speakers and project updates, check out MDC Connect.

Evaluations Give a Thumbs Up!

We are still sifting through all of the evaluations received so far from the event—but what we see so far is greatly encouraging! Attendee evaluations are critical to the continuing improvement of Owner Meetings and the value creation these events provide for our owners. Thank you for your participation, collaboration, and engagement.

Save the Date

We’re looking forward to our next Owner Meeting—we’re heading to The Gwen Hotel in Chicago August 2-3, 2017. Mark your calendars! We will give more project updates, bring in more brilliant speakers, and have more fun. Look for registration to open up in June. Thank you for your continued involvement in our all-star network—see you in Chicago!