The Benefits of a Joint MDC/Credit Union Project

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We recently kicked off an exciting new Member Experience—Onboarding project specific to two of our credit union owners. Baxter Credit Union (BCU) and Affinity Credit Union have teamed up with MDC and Baker Tilly to uncover the current state of their onboarding processes through staff and member interviews, and identify areas for improvement. From this, a future state journey map will be created for direct implementation into the credit union. In exchange for MDC contributing a portion of the project fee, these two credit unions will share their experiences with the larger MDC family—so we all can benefit from their learnings. Let’s look at how this tailored, cost-effective project approach can make a big impact at your credit union:

  • Specific—fee share projects focus uniquely on your credit union. Research and feedback will be catered individually to you.
  • Direction—your participation up front will help drive the direction of the project, so it’s as beneficial as possible for you.
  • Share—you have the awesome opportunity to share your experiences, learnings, and results with other credit unions at our upcoming Owner Meetings. This is a great way to teach others in the MDC family through your own personal story.
  • Learn—projects such as these allow tremendous room for growth. You are not only able to see the project up close throughout all steps, but you will get a long list of actionable to-do’s to make your credit union shine.

Hear About Past Success Stories

We are still in the beginning stages around the Member Experience—Onboarding project, but we have completed similar successful projects, such as:

  • Member Experience—Online Banking with Congressional Federal Credit Union: David Hufnagel, a key credit union contact on this project reflects on his experience,

“The Online Banking Member Experience Project provided Congressional Federal with real and specific feedback from our members. This allowed us to focus our home banking improvements on what matters to the members; addressing issues that we know will enhance the member experience. It not only allowed us to hear from our members, but provided a road map and action plan to a better home banking site.”

  • Member Experience—Auto Loan Pre-Approval with Lake Trust Credit Union: Danielle Brehmer was Lake Trust’s lead on this project; she tells us her point of view,

“The process improvement work we’ve done has contributed greatly to the growth of our team. We have always seen ourselves as member-focused and we’ve had some really great ideas, but the Kano methodology helped us prioritize those ideas and create meaningful experiences from our members’ point of view, truly designing from the outside in. Our team has added another set of tools to their tool box and we’ve increased our ability to create one-of-a-kind experiences. This was a milestone in our brand promise journey.”

Get Involved

Eager to kick off a project at your credit union but don’t have the budget for it right now? Consider partnering up with MDC to share fees and exchange learnings. If you’re interested, contact Sarah Lietz. We’d love to connect!