Building on Existing Work, MDC Focuses in on Developing and Sustaining Cultures of Innovation in our Credit Unions

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MDC has long sought to increase our owners’ ability to innovate from within, and we’ve delivered on that goal through our NextUP program; exclusive training opportunities at our owner meetings; and right-sized, tailored innovation training programs with our partners at futurethink, an industry-leading innovation consultant.

We’re now broadening and deepening our work in making our owners the most innovative credit unions in the industry by researching what it takes to develop and sustain transformative cultures of innovation. We are partnering with Kurt Schroeder’s team at Avtex to identify, research, and analyze companies that have been successful in transforming their cultures into ones focused on innovation. We plan to develop a model based on what we find and deliver a playbook to our owners on how to achieve similar successes within their own cultures, complete with an analysis of the high-level ROI they can achieve through this effort and metrics to track their progress.

Our recent survey resulted in 30 volunteers from our owners to serve on this project’s advisory team, so we might have hit a chord! If you are one of those volunteers, hang tight—Sarah will be in touch with you soon.

Here at MDC, we consider this just one more step in our continuing efforts to ensure that our owners are the most innovative and future-focused credit unions in the industry, and we’ll continue to seek out opportunities to foster innovation within our network. For more information about this effort and our ongoing work with Avtex and futurethink, owners can visit the projects page on MDC Connect today, and anyone can always reach out to Sarah.

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