Coming Soon: Fuel from the Field, a New MDC Innovation Video Series

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How Do You Innovate Like a Pro? Just Press Play
By Lisa Bodell, CEO of FutureThink

What do improv and innovation have in common? Who’s your innovation hero? How do you activate creativity on-demand? Finding answers to these kinds of questions is what drives me to write innovation books and deliver TEDx talks (and forego sleep, obviously). Curiosity is also one of the traits I share with Jeff Kline, CEO and fearless leader of MDC.

Since keynoting MDC’s 2018 Winter Owner Meeting, I’ve worked with Jeff and his team to deliver dynamic learning experiences to the credit union professionals that make up the MDC network. From building an innovative culture to reducing busywork, FutureThink’s techniques have helped MDC’s owners think innovatively and simplify their days, empowering them to expand and deepen the way they serve their members.

Today we are proud to announce that MDC and FutureThink have expanded our strategic partnership with a provocative video series called Fuel from the Field. Through this new program, MDC owners will have exclusive access to a new 15-minute episode each month, hosted by yours truly and featuring interviews from top innovators around the world. In our Fuel from the Field videos, you’ll hear from top disruptors at organizations like Synchrony Financial, Novartis, PepsiCo., The Second City in Chicago, and more. Along the way, you’ll discover how they tap into their creativity—even when they’re running short on time and imagination.

Check out this teaser for our first episode!

In each episode, you’ll learn never-heard-before stories and get provocative insights and immediately usable tips to change how you innovate. So be sure check out Fuel from the Field when we launch next month to get inspired and ignite innovative changes with long-term impact in the time it takes to get a coffee!

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If Fuel from the Field leaves you wanting more, or if you can’t wait to start down the innovation path before we go live next month, don’t forget that MDC provides bite-sized, on-demand remote training from FutureThink for time-starved MDC owners. Our videos lessons, available at MDC University, will teach you productivity techniques and help you build skills in disruptive thinking and effective collaboration at your convenience.  Whether you want to decrease complexity, transform culture, drive innovation, or all of the above, we deliver interactive learning experiences with immediate application to the credit-union industry.

And besides these on-demand video resources, FutureThink stands ready to take your organization’s innovation journey with additional, customized innovation training opportunities. Full details of our services, complete with the discounts your MDC ownership entitles you to, is available on MDC Connect, and you can book your initial 15-minute consultation whenever you are ready by simply clicking here.

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