Congratulations to Kent Zimmer, newly named CEO of CU NextGen!

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For the last few months, Kent Zimmer has served as both MDC’s Sr. VP of Operations and CU NextGen’s Interim CEO. Today we are proud to announce the he has been named CU NextGen’s CEO and will be leaving MDC to run the new CUSO full time. Congratulations, Kent!

Kent’s services as interim CEO was a logical move while our new CUSO went through its initial launch. After all, Kent was the MDC staffer leading the projects that in turn led to CU NextGen’s founding. Under his leadership, CU NextGen has had an incredible first few months of operations, helping eight MDC owners with their PPP applications (including four that were among the top PPP lenders in the nation), and now the new CUSO has both six contracts in place for our new Member Relationship Management Platform and an additional four contracts for other services.

Kent announcing the rebranding of MDC’s Innovation Council to NextUP in February 2019

“Kent really did an amazing job with launching CU NextGen. I can’t imagine trusting anyone else to pull this off after all the work he did in getting us up to this point. Of course, given how valuable Kent has been to MDC over the years, we will miss having him on staff, but we are also extremely proud to share in his accomplishments and happy to see him continue to excel in this exciting new venture,” said Jeff Kline, MDC’s CEO.

Over the years, Kent has managed many of MDC’s valuable projects. Perhaps most significantly, he reinvented our innovation program, previously known as the Innovation Council, growing it from a small group meeting for a few hours once a year to the powerhouse program that it is today, with more than 50 participants innovating together for most of the year: NextUP. His recent work launching CU NextGen serves as a fitting capstone to his years of service.

Kristen Jones, currently serving as MDC’s Director of Corporate Partnerships, will take over most of Kent’s current duties, while oversight for NextUP will fall to Sarah Lietz, MDC’s Chief Experience Officer and Project Manager.

“On behalf of MDC’s Board, I’d like to say that the only thing that can match our expectations for CU NextGen is our confidence in Kent’s ability to deliver on them. Over his years of dedicated service, the owners of MDC have benefited significantly from his thought leadership and terrific execution. We all owe Kent a debt of gratitude, and we wish him great success with CU NextGen,” said Thomas Moore, EVP of BCU and MDC’s Board Chair.

Please join MDC’s Board of Directors and staff in congratulating Kent on this achievement and in thanking him for nearly eight years of service to MDC.

Kent’s fondest memories of MDC will always be of being with our owners.

Kent, you will be missed, but we look forward to a continued partnership!

Your MDC Family