First Generation of NextUP Idea Teams Launched!

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In the weeks since announcing our 2019 NextUP program, this team of innovators from across our ownership has helped select five novel, relevant, and high-potential concepts for the credit union industry from among the dozens they envisioned together in Chicago for further research and development.

During this process, the MDC NextUP team worked closely with our project partners at Baker Tilly to determine which of the many ideas formulated during the program’s August kickoff and ideation event were the most viable through a market survey. The results of that survey helped the NextUP team select the five concepts with the biggest potential benefits for MDC owners, and program participants are extremely enthusiastic about making these ideas a reality for our community of over 12 million credit union members. To further develop these concepts with the goal of pitching them as potential MDC projects to our ownership at the upcoming 2018 Winter Owner Meeting in San Diego, the full NextUP team has divided into five idea teams, each with an idea team leader selected from a pool of volunteers who offered to go the extra mile to ensure their assigned idea was successful.

While we are grateful to have both a high level of excitement about these ideas and commitment to their success from all participants in this year’s program, we’d like to recognize and give a special thanks to the volunteer team leaders for all of the extra work they’ll be doing to deliver strong project ideas to the MDC family over the next several months. Additional team leaders will be chosen later this month, but with most already confirmed, please join us in recognizing these volunteers for their dedication to the NextUP program!

  • John Miller, First Commonwealth FCU and Jennifer Platt, Suncoast
  • Liam Petraska, MSUFCU
  • Lauren Kotlarczyk, MSUFCU and Melissa Castanga, BCU
  • Laura Chavev, FIGFCU and Richard Lipari, Nusenda CU
  • Amy Fuller, Catalyst Corporate FCU

Next steps: Kickoff calls will be held for each idea team in the coming week, and work on each project idea will begin immediately after, with idea team members exploring the five selected concepts more deeply. The full NextUP team will reassemble in person in November to collaborate across idea teams mid-stream and again just before the 2019 Winter Owner Meeting, when they’ll finalize their presentations. The capstone to their experiences will be to then present their project ideas to the full MDC ownership for approval.

We on MDC’s staff can’t wait to see the results of the NextUP team’s hard work, and we look forward to seeing where they’ll take MDC (and their home credit unions!) as they continue to use the innovation and project develop skills they learn as part of the NextUP program throughout their careers in the credit union industry!