Four 2018 MDC Innovation Council Projects Are Launching Soon!

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After conducting initial research, receiving positive feedback from our owners at the last owner meeting, and receiving MDC board approval, four of the five Innovation Council ideas presented at the 2018 Winter Owner Meeting in Miami have been converted into full-blown MDC projects!

Moving forward, MDC will be partnering with Baker Tilly, subject matter experts, and representatives from our owners to further develop the ideas below and identify vendors who can provide solutions tailored to the needs of our owners.

Congratulations to the all the members of our Innovation Council on your very successful and informative efforts! Your work in researching innovative ideas for MDC to pursue – or to decide against pursuing – is an invaluable piece of our collaborative process and a key part of how MDC delivers value to our owners.


Chatbots are sometimes used on websites to immediately answer your questions on an automatic basis (without the delay of a real customer service person). MDC will research developing a chatbot that members can use on our owners’ websites to answer their financial questions at any time, day or night, or direct them to the appropriate staff if their requests require a human response.

Auto Sharing

The sharing economy and the ability to summon an Uber or Lyft at the touch of a button has not just transformed the transportation industry, but also created a need to manage shared assets in a more intelligent way. In this project, MDC will research and develop lending and insurance products our owners can offer to make participating in this marketplace practical and affordable.

Total Rewards

In an increasingly competitive market for share of wallet, MDC owners need a response to popular reward programs offered by big banks and credit card companies. In this project, MDC will research how our owners can analyze the spending history and habits of members and create a rewards program providing maximum benefit.

Member Score

We all know our members are more than just their FICO score. In this project, MDC will research and develop a plan for implementing a “member score” system that also takes into account other information about a member applying for a loan, like their history with the credit union, assets, or level of education. This will help loan officers make better decisions about the credit worthiness of members who otherwise might be denied a line of credit.

More information on each of these projects, including videos of the Innovation Council’s presentations at the 2018 Winter Owner Meeting in Miami, is available on MDC Connect’s project page. If your credit union is interested in becoming involved in any of these projects, please reach out to either Kent or Michael.