Get Involved in MDC and Shine Bright at your CU

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Did you know that there are many different ways to get involved in MDC? From Owner Meetings to Advisory Teams, we want to give you the chance to engage with us in ways that will benefit you the most.

1.) Sign up for our newsletters! This is an easy way to catch the most important monthly highlights from us and stay in the loop on all of the amazing things we have going on here at MDC. Not on our mailing list or want to add a colleague to it? Contact Krista Jo and she will gladly get you taken care of.

2.) Attend MDC’s credit union event twice a year—we gather our network together at Owner Meetings to:

  • Share updates on our meaningful research
  • Hear from unique thought leaders inside and outside of the industry
  • Provide a notebook full of actionable takeaways

Our statistics speak for themselves—super positive meeting feedback, great attendance, and lots of energy. 93% of our owners were represented at our last owner meeting, averaging 2.28 attendees per credit union. This is not your typical industry meeting! Here are just a few sneak peek agenda items to look forward to for our next gathering February 8-9 in Scottsdale, AZ:

  • Our keynote speaker: management challenges & team-building lessons from Len Forkas, entrepreneur, endurance athlete, author, and philanthropist
  • Member loyalty drivers & measurement best-practices for credit unions
  • How to embrace positive change within your team
  • Results from our marketing pilot focused on personalization
  • Improving members’ experience with your call center
  • …and so much more!

Not an owner but interested in attending our next meeting as a guest? Contact Jeff Kline to find out how to get added to our guest list and learn more about MDC.

3.) Participate on a Project Advisory Team and see our research up-close before the rest of our owners! We rely on Advisory Teams to give us feedback and drive the overall direction of MDC projects. Advisory Teams usually require a minor time commitment (8-10 hours over several weeks) and are a great opportunity for you to leverage all of the work we do. Hear from past guest blogger Andrea Brown about how her credit union directly benefited from her participation on an Advisory Team. Interested in learning which Project Advisory Teams are forming soon and how to get signed up? Contact Sarah Lietz.

4.) Kick off a joint MDC/Owner project—we have completed several member experience projects tailored to participating owners:

Plus, we are just now kicking off a new project with FIGFCU and Coastal related to call centers. For these joint projects, MDC underwrites a portion of the project fees and in exchange, our credit union participants share the results at an owner meeting so that everyone can benefit. Best of all—the project and the related results are tailored specifically to your credit union. Contact Sarah Lietz with your interest in chatting about this opportunity.

5.) Connect with us on social—we are constantly sharing updates on our Twitter and Linkedin pages. Our token millennial, Krista Jo, can help you out with any questions about getting connected with us.

6.) Join our varsity squad: Innovation Council (IC). IC is a select group of our owners (usually nominated by their peers) who meet with us twice a year before our Owner Meetings to anticipate what’s ahead for credit unions, identify how our team can help solve problems, and brainstorm how to build out solutions in the form of MDC projects. Contact Kent Zimmer with your interest in innovation.

7.) Sign up for MDC Connect. This is our one-stop-shop for years of owner meeting presentations, our research, third party research, and more!

The more you get involved with MDC, the greater your value. We look forward to your ongoing participation—our credit unions rock!