Happy Holidays from MDC—A Time for Reflection

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The holiday season is upon us—a great time for reflection. From continuing to work on meaningful initiatives, to adding new owners, social media, and PR to our company focus, MDC has had a year full of change, accomplishments, and fun! Let’s highlight 2015:

Thoughts from Jeff

Season’s Greetings to all of you—what a year! Welcome to our newest MDC participants…in the past year we have added ten new credit unions and expect a few more in the next couple of months. This is unprecedented growth for MDC, and we are thrilled to welcome progressive, innovative thinkers to our MDC family. Attendance at our annual Owner Meetings was the largest ever—90% of our owners were represented averaging about two people per credit union. Our owner’s energy and excitement is so contagious!

Let’s share some of the things we’ve been working on this year for our credit unions:

Our Projects

MDC’s project strategy is focused on credit union growth. Projects need to hit on one or more of these areas:



In 2015, we worked on a huge variety of projects for our owners:

  • Automated Switch Kit
  • The Underserved and Alternative Financial Services Providers
  • Innovation Council
  • Big Data
  • P2P
  • Member Experience projects around onboarding, new account opening, online banking, and auto loan pre-approval
  • Member Engagement
  • Mobile Tools
  • Modern Marketing
  • Channel Maturity
  • Mobile Wallets
  • Personalization
  • Innovation Skills

That’s not all—we have even more projects in the very early stages and are always open to inquiries and suggestions from individuals and credit unions wishing to get involved. Want to join in the fun? Please contact our Director of Product Development, Sarah Lietz.

MDC’s Innovation Council

How does any idea come to be? It is a process of brainstorming, refining, and developing—this year’s Innovation Council (IC) utilized this process to ideate meaningful new project ideas. Four of these top ideas will be presented at our next Owner Meeting in Fort Lauderdale and are sure to turn heads.

Our IC team expanded from nine to eighteen members, with our owners stepping up and recommending some of their top innovators to participate. Participants included experts with a wide range of backgrounds including Chief Marketing Officers, VP’s of Business Services, VP’s of Technology, Chief Product Management Officers, and more. We brainstormed, we talked, we ideated—and the result? Our favorite ideas were put to the test with an extensive consumer Marketplace Survey. The results of this survey will be presented in February—stay tuned for their big reveal!  

Social Media and PR

In August 2015, we officially launched our social media sites including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Our social media sites provide an outlet for project updates, information about owner meetings, and other important must-knows for our owners. We also kicked off our PR program around the same time, with the goal of sharing current news and insightful articles. With both PR and Social Media, we are working to increase brand awareness in the market, and improve the availability of information for our owners. We have learned a lot from this journey and continue to improve, expand, and refine our strategy.

Wrapping Up the Year

Thank you to all of our owners for your engagement, participation, and feedback along the way—the MDC family is better because of you. From Advisory Teams to our Board of Directors and Owner Meetings attendees, you give us the direction we need to continue to serve up the tools and knowledge needed for our credit unions to be industry leaders.

Jeff and the MDC Team (Sarah, Kent, and Krista)