Innovation Council: Charting the Course for MEMBERS Development Company (MDC) at the Summer Owner Meeting

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MEMBERS Development Company’s Innovation Council met just before the Summer Owner Meeting in Chicago to continue discussions on credit union advancement. Innovation Council members are champions of development and creativity at their credit unions—which is why MDC brings these members together to leverage their collective knowledge and benefit our credit union owners. The Innovation Council boasts over 20 members who are tasked with brainstorming, refining and developing ideas that will eventually turn into mature project opportunities for our owners. Many of the projects pursued by MEMBERS Development Company are born out of the Innovation Council—that’s why our owners are so eager to become a part of this group and membership grows each year.

In preparation for the Innovation Council meeting in Chicago, MDC launched a webinar series. Topics for these webinars were selected through survey results from council members and covered thought-provoking topics ranging from social media to mobile advancement. Speakers came from a variety of industry-leading companies such as Hootsuite and Filene Research Institute. These webinars sparked conversation and excitement around these topics that continued into our gathering in the Windy City.

Insights from Chicago

The meeting itself was a compilation of networking, collaboration and brainstorming—and wasn’t short on fun. The Innovation Council utilized inventive topics such as “Emoji Recombination” and “Creativity with Comedy” to encourage council members to think outside the box and stimulate ideation. One activity even included a scavenger hunt around the city to ignite conversation about positive and negative customer experiences. These activities produced a plethora of valuable ideas to bring the credit union industry to the next level of advancement.

Also coming out of this summer’s Innovation Council meeting is a network of credit union innovators that are now able to communicate and work together for mutually beneficial success—a true example of the value we bring to our owners and the foundation on which we were founded.

Looking Forward

We’re thrilled with yet another successful Innovation Council meeting. In an era of rapid technological advancement, innovation is crucial to the credit union industry. MEMBERS Development Company has created a place to help foster ideas and give credit unions the tools and resources they need to position themselves for success. We look forward to seeing what Innovation Council stirs up for our Winter Owner Meeting.

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