MDC Celebrates Recent Growth, Caps Ownership

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We are incredibly proud to announce that MDC has entered a new stage in our lifecycle as a CUSO with the incredible growth we’ve achieved in 2018 and the recent implementation of a wait list for any prospective owners seeking to join our network.

With 21 new credit unions purchasing ownership in our network in 2018, we now have 69 owners. Combined, we serve nearly 14 million members, hold over $192 billion in assets, maintain almost 1,800 branch locations across the nation, and employ just under 36,000 employees.

Recognizing the need to balance the strength that a larger network can provide with the need to preserve the intimacy that our owners continue to value—all while ensuring that each owner’s voice is heard when choosing which endeavors to pursue—we have implemented a cap on ownership at 65 Class A owners (plus CUNA Mutual Group as our single Class B owner) effective October 1. Any credit unions seeking to purchase ownership in MDC moving forward will have to join a wait list until a spot becomes available.

We’re very excited about this development and about the new opportunities to pursue more ambitious projects that our recent growth has opened for our network, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our owners for the amazing buzz you consistently generate about MDC. Your referrals to others in the industry who, like you, seek to propel credit unions forward drove this growth more than anything else.

Below is the list of all the credit unions who have joined MDC this year. Please join us in repeating our welcome to them, engaging with them over projects, and collaborating with them to take on the future together!