MDC – Through Our Owners’ Eyes

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We work hard to deliver exceptional value to our owners, and we appreciate their strong support and endorsement. Over the last two owner meetings, we sat down with several of our active owners and partners – from C-suite board members, to up-and-comers on our Innovation Council, to our partners in the industry – and talked about what makes MDC so beneficial to them. We are now pleased to share the results of those discussions in the form of testimonial and promotional videos on our website. These short videos really convey what MDC is all about from the most important perspective – that of our owners!

Please visit the pages below to review the new videos.

In the videos, our owners talk repeatedly about the benefits of our semi-annual owner meetings, and our attendees agree! In fact, when asked if they found value in attending the February Owner Meeting, attendees’ responses averaged 9.6 out of 10, indicating overwhelming agreement that the owner meetings are very important to our owners. Below are some highlights from the responses to that survey:

“The owner meeting was awesome. So many great ideas and people!” – Trisha Lee, Stanford Federal Credit Union

“I really enjoyed my time here. The projects presented were very exciting and can definitely help us grow and differentiate ourselves in the VERY crowded Miami marketplace!” – Amy McGraw, Tropical Financial Credit Union

“Congratulations on yet another outstanding owner meeting!  The content was fantastic, and the networking opportunities were phenomenal.” – Keith A. Riddle, CorporateOne Federal Credit Union

While we are pleased that owner feedback was overwhelmingly positive, we were also happy to receive some constructive suggestions on both the research projects presented at the owner meetings and on the owner meetings themselves. In the future, look out for improvements to our owner meetings based on owner feedback and suggestions like those below.

“Foster more small group discussion to learn what other CUs are doing to improve efficiency, growth, and/or member service.” – Mike McDonald, Five Star Credit Union

“This presentation needed more concrete examples of how to drive business value.” – David Mason, Wings Financial Credit Union

We are so pleased that our owners find so much value in the work we do. To make sure you don’t miss out, be sure to visit MDC Connect, attend the Summer Owner Meeting on August 1-2, and get involved with one of our projects. Contact Sarah for more information.