MDC teams up with futurethink to provide innovation training!

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MDC is teaming up with futurethink to provide credit unions with top-quality innovation training opportunities. The goal is this—as MDC brings innovation thinking and tools to our owners, our network as a whole will become more innovative. 

Credit unions are ready for this!

We surveyed our owners, who had this to say: 

  • 69% of our owners responded
  • 68% of respondents rate themselves Level 1 or 2 (out of 4) on the spectrum of innovation sophistication
  • Innovation is a priority for 2018
    • 63% have “building a stronger culture for innovation” as a priority
    • 60% have “build innovation skills” as a priority
  • There is a solid appetite for innovation training and education
    • 85% are interested in best practices
    • 57% are interested in skill building and training around innovation
    • 54% want online tools and learning
  • People are ready to begin their innovation skill building efforts
    • 36% are ready immediately
    • Additional 36% are ready in 2018
  • Budgets for innovation training exist, but they are constrained

There was such valuable feedback coming out of this survey. Clearly our owners are engaged and hungry for tools to help them on their path of innovation. The appetite is there—and MDC and futurethink are prepared to work within a variety of budgets. We are ready to make an impact!

Why futurethink?

MDC reviewed more than 80 providers of innovation training—and futurethink was the unanimous choice.

  • Founded in New York City in 2003, futurethink has provided innovation solutions to global organizations in over 40 countries.
  • Their mission is to motivate change and build innovation capabilities across organizations by challenging assumptions, killing outdated rules, creating a mindset for change, and developing an innovation culture that encourages smart risk taking.
  • They focus in the four areas that are essential for innovation: Strategy, Ideas, Process, and Climate. 
  • Their team of 16 has 6 TED talks, 8 published books, and passport stamps to more than 100 countries between them.

futurethink partnership

So…what does the innovation training look like?

  • Effective…

Here’s an example…Inspired by futurethink’s Kill the Company technique, two of HBO’s senior leaders sent out an email to a random cross section of their teams asking them to write their ideas on how they would kill HBO (“If you were CEO of Netflix for a day, how would you kill us?”). They established an email chain where everyone had to contribute and build upon ideas. In two hours they generated a four-page thorough document that has proven to be a fabulous thought starter. Innovation doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming—it can be simple, fun, and quick.

  • Flexible…
    • Choose from futurethink’s Microlearning Programs (2 hours), Workshops (half day or full day), Boot Camps (Workshops…with some additional pre-work, and check-ins), and even Keynotes.
    • All of this is supported by an online innovation portal with more than 250 tools and techniques
    • Build a custom training program to fit your budget, timeline, and priorities
  • Discounted pricing for MDC owners

Find out more details…

Contact Trevor at futurethink for more details, or Sarah at MDC.

AND…check futurethink out for free at the February Owner Meeting, where futurethink will be leading a Deep Dive session focused on innovation.

Keep your eyes open for more information coming your way soon!

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