MDC’s (Beachside) Winter Owner Meeting

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Our recent Winter Owner Meeting in sunny Fort Lauderdale was a whirlwind of enlightening, meaningful conversation. With over 85% of our owners represented with an average of more than two people per attending credit union, the engagement was top-notch.

Speakers, Panels, and more!

Didn’t make it to the event? Here are highlights from some of the conversations we had:

MDC and our good friends at Baker Tilly presented project findings around the world of personalization—which is quickly moving from a delighter to a must-have for credit union members. In fact, consumer value for personalization is almost two times more influential than the concern for privacy. What did our credit union attendees say about this MDC project?

  • New concepts I had not previously considered.
  • I really enjoy Kurt’s delivery of the information. Probably the most relevant and useful information I gained from the entire owner’s meeting.

How does neuroscience affect the ability to sell? We tend to deliver far too much information, which makes it hard for your members to make a decision. Make it easy—give people two choices (the rule of good/better/best is not the best approach!). Thank you to Robb Best for an energizing session!

  • Great presentation! I haven’t taken that many notes since college.
  • Found this session new and relevant. Can take what we learned and apply it to a broad array of situations including personal. Lots of take a ways from this one.

What happens when fin-tech disruptors present to our owners? Energy! We brought in presenters from Finovate Fall 2015, as well as our own Innovation Council. They all shared game-changing ideas from within the fin-tech space. Our owners were loving it!

  • Great ideas…we do not have an innovation forum at our CU and look to this group for that now…
  • I have loved being a part of the Innovation Council! The connections I’ve made and the skills I have learned are so valuable 

Panels add pizazz—MDC’s Sarah Lietz talked all about innovation as a necessity with leaders from MTV, iHeartMedia, Kinetic Worldwide, and Think For A Change. Thanks to our participants for sharing your stories. (Check out our live tweets from the panel on our Twitter page.)

  • Very relevant topic as we have been discussing what we can do differently to support a more innovative culture in our organization. I had several take aways from this discussion
  • Extremely valuable! Great insight on innovation in the real world.

We also talked about Bitcoin, channel optimization, member experience, mobile, payments—visit MDC Connect for a complete list of the cool stuff we are working on.

Any of these topics capture your attention? We are always looking for advisory team members, fee-share project volunteers, or even just credit union conversation—email Sarah Lietz with your thoughts!

What’s Next?

We’re looking forward to continuing to explore meaningful research for our credit unions between now and our next meeting—you’ll be receiving a survey soon to help us prioritize our next projects.

And save the date—we’re headed back to downtown Chicago on August 3-4 for our Summer Owner Meeting. Keep your eyes out for registration opening up in June.

Thank you

We are truly grateful and energized to work with the best in the business. Thank you for making this event yet another success story. We love our MDC credit unions!