MDC’s Financial Literacy Solution—Learn More!

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Have you heard our most recent exciting news? We will be hosting a webinar December 13th at 11 AM CST to introduce our owners to our new financial literacy solution through EverFi! Don’t forget to tune in—contact Krista Jo to receive your very own special invite. So, how did MDC get to this point and what can our owners look forward to?

From Innovation Council Idea to Vendor Selection

Our elite group of Innovation Council (IC) members dedicate their time with us to brainstorming what’s ahead for credit unions and how MDC can step in and help in the form of future projects and initiatives. In 2015, one of the top project ideas identified by IC was a need to teach, communicate, and educate members (especially those of a younger demographic) about financial literacy in a fun and gamified way. We called this idea “Experience Point Incentive,” indicating that members could redeem their time spent learning with this solution for rewards or discounts at their credit union. After making the top list of project ideas from our owners, this project moved forward to marketplace testing. The goal of testing our IC top ideas in the marketplace is to validate that these solutions will be well received in the market and among credit union members. After the results indicated favorable reception to Experience Point Incentive, our team moved forward with researching and vetting the right vendor to provide this solution. To learn about the vetting process and how we came to our decision with EverFi, be sure to tune in to our webinar!

Additional Resources

While we encourage you to attend our webinar to get the most information and value from our new pricing arrangement relationship with EverFi, there are also additional resources available to our owners. Helpful information including slide decks, call recordings, and other documents about Experience Point Incentive and EverFi can be found in MDC Connect! To find these resources, simply login, click the green “Projects” button, and select “Innovation Council 2016.” Once on this project page, scroll down to the “Experience Point Incentive” section and explore all of our resources available to you to familiarize yourself before our exciting webinar. Still have questions about our webinar? Contact Krista Jo and she will gladly help you out.