MDC’s Website Redesign—From Outdated to Streamlined

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Our new website is worth checking out. This was a challenging project, and we are thrilled with the results. Our main goals were:

  • Updating the look and feel of the website to reflect our brand
  • Ensuring that the new site was mobile and iPad-friendly (optimized)
  • Streamlining the content—take out all the unnecessary “extra stuff” and be straightforward
  • Changing our tone to be more “human” and less “stuffy and corporate”

We are confident that we have met these goals and look forward to delivering our fresh, new look to prospective credit unions.

Why Do Websites Matter?

Innovative and streamlined websites are becoming a consumer expectation—in a lot of cases, they are the first exposure your institution provides to prospective members. It is important for your website to reflect your brand image, culture, and atmosphere! MDC’s new website follows the same guidelines.

Website Organization—It Has To Make Sense

We wanted the new site organization and menu button to be intuitive… after all, no one wants to be confused when browsing a new website.

Our homepage features three basic “buckets” that break down what MDC represents: Research & Development; Owner Meetings; and Thought Leadership. This is MDC—and the value we provide our owners.

Our menu gives the viewer six basic options to explore more about MDC. Each option is imperative to the message we want to convey to credit unions. Play around with our site—here are just a few things to check out:

  • Learn more about our Board of Directors and our Executive Team under the About MDC page.
  • Who’s in our network? At the request of our board, we’ve added a list of owners!
  • Hear what our owners are saying! We’ve added fresh and thoughtful testimonials that add life to our website.
  • Browse through our projects—not only can you learn what we’re working on… you can now sort our initiatives by date and in alphabetical order.
  • Follow along with our latest Blogs and Press activities. Plus, coming soon—an “In the News” page that highlights every time a MDC article or press release has been highlighted in publication.
  • Finally, we know you’re busy and we want our website to be a nice pause in your day, so we designed the Game Break feature on our website. Just look for this icon Capture  and have some fun!

Any Questions?

Want to learn more about why we did things the way we did? Want to tell us what you think of the new website? Please contact our Communications Team and we will be happy to share.

So please, buckle up, cruise around, and enjoy our new experience brought to you by your MDC crew!