MDC’s Year-end Reflection—Thank You to our Owners

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It is hard to believe that another year is coming to an end here at MDC. We are so grateful for the privilege to work with the best and brightest credit unions out there. From adding seven new owners, to working hard on some of the most exciting topics in the industry—it’s been another successful and meaningful year! Let’s take a look at a few highlights that really stood out to us along the way:

New Owners Add Value to our Network

2016 welcomed in a wonderful assortment of new credit union owners to the MDC family. If you have not already had a chance, please give a warm welcome to:

We’re looking forward to all of the future collaboration to come with these new all-stars!

Record-setting Owner Meeting Attendance

We continue to receive positive feedback about our semi-annual gathering of owners—our Owner Meetings are designed to update our credit unions about all of the R&D we have been doing, introduce thought leaders from outside and inside of the industry, and anticipate what is ahead for our credit unions. We strive to continually make these events as valuable as possible for our owners and have been excited with our recent attendance records. 95% of our owners attended our latest Owner Meeting in August, and brought an average of more than two guests per participating credit union. (People actually want to come to this meeting!) We believe this a testament to the value these events provide to our owners and are looking forward to our upcoming Winter Owner Meeting in Scottsdale, AZ February, 8-9. If you have not already registered, please do ASAP as time is running out!

Our Projects

MDC’s project strategy is focused on credit union growth. As a requirement, our projects must hit on one or more of these areas to benefit our owners:

In 2016, we worked on a huge variety of projects for our owners:

  • Channel Traffic Migration
  • Financial education for credit union members
  • Innovation Council
  • Innovation Skills
  • Member Experience—Onboarding and Engagement
  • Member Loyalty and Satisfaction
  • Mobile Tools
  • Mortgage Buddy
  • Owner technology pages on MDC Connect
  • Personalization
  • Sundown—a financial literacy mobile app solution
  • Wallet Share Tools

That’s not all—we have even more projects in the very early stages and are always open to inquiries and suggestions from individuals and credit unions wishing to get involved. Want to join in the fun? Please contact our Director of Projects, Sarah Lietz. As always, for all project resources, visit MDC Connect.

MDC’s Innovation Council

How does any idea develop into a project? It is a process of brainstorming, refining, and developing—this year’s Innovation Council (IC) utilized this process to ideate meaningful new project ideas. Our IC team has 20 members, with our owners stepping up and recommending some of their top innovators to participate—experts with a wide range of backgrounds in marketing, technology, product management, and more. This summer we met up in Chicago where we brainstormed, talked, and ideated. Our favorite ideas were put to the test with an extensive consumer Marketplace Survey. The results of this survey will be presented in February—stay tuned for their big reveal!

A Focus on MDC/Owner Communications

All of our ideas and research are compelling and incredibly important, but none of that matters if we are not able to successfully communicate them to our owners. That is why we focused on sharing all information about our initiatives more effectively than ever for our owners in 2016. From monthly newsletters, to social media updates on Twitter and LinkedIn, to MDC Connect improvements, we have been working hard to keep our owners informed this past year. Want to learn more about all of the ways we communicate to our owners throughout the year? Contact Krista Jo to get added to our mailing list, or simply to ask a few questions!

Continuing our hard work in this area, MDC underwent a big transformation on the world wide web this year—we completely overhauled and re-designed our public website and are working hard to finalize work on our improved MDC Connect portal. We focused on a sleek, streamlined, and intuitive design to provide a unique user/owner experience and inspire! Want to learn more about the choices we made and our digital journey? Contact Krista Jo.

We’re Making Headlines

MDC started our press initiative practically from scratch during the summer of 2015. Since then we are happy to report a long list of articles that have been published in industry outlets to create awareness about all of the awesome work we do here at MDC. With some hard work from our press contact, Maggie Blankers, and the rest of our team, we hope to continue to spreading the word about MDC and turn some heads along the way.

Thank YOU!

While this only hits the tip of the iceberg on our accomplishments this year, one thing is quite clear, none of this would be possible without YOU! Thank YOU to our owners who continually inspire, challenge, and motivate us to do better. We want to provide you with all of the tools and resources you need to be an industry-leader. We are grateful for such an amazing group of credit unions and look forward to seeing all of the magic 2017 has to bring!