Members Development Company’s 2020 Digital Summer Owner Meeting Offers Valuable Insights, Fun from Afar

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Throughout MDC’s history, our owners have consistently said that our semi-annual meetings are one of the biggest benefits of being a part of our network. Twice a year, we gather hundreds of credit union professionals, more than half of which are C-suite-level executives, to deliver updates on our work at what those in the know regard as the industry’s premier networking event. Always sales-free, our meetings are the no-pressure space where leaders from across our network of large, progressive credit unions can discuss what they are working on and the issues the industry faces today and tomorrow—and have a lot of fun while doing it!

So in the age of COVID-19, we at MDC knew that this valuable experience couldn’t simply be cancelled because of the need to maintain social distancing. It had to be replicated somehow, and what a job it’s been to do that! In the months since the outbreak, we’ve been hard at work creating what we think will be the best virtual meeting experience that any of our owners have ever experienced in their careers!

What can owners expect? We’ll lead with the fun and networking that our owners love so much with a virtual reception on August 3, complete with some fun surprises delivered to your door, including some mixers with your favorite potent potable of choice to get your social gears turning (sponsored by Avtex!).

MDC owner meetings always provide amazing networking opportunities, and next month’s virtual meeting will come close…but not TOO close!

The next morning (not too early!), we’ll gather for a keynote from Adam Steltzner, Team Leader and Chief Engineer EDL for the NASA Mars Rover Curiosity mission. As a literal rocket scientist, he was responsible for landing the Curiosity Rover on the surface of Mars. Curiosity and exploration. The spark and the fire that burns from it. These are powerful disruptors of human existence that mean a lot to us at MDC, and in his keynote, Steltzner will explore these topics and how following our own curiosity and exploring what-ifs make us better thinkers and professionals. Special thanks to Constellation for sponsoring this keynote and taking our eyes skyward (how fitting!).

Following our keynote, we’ll dive into the most important updates MDC has to share from the six months since our last owner meeting (held on the sands of Fort Lauderdale Beach), including updates or announcements regarding:

  • our ongoing work to make credit unions a top-of-mind partner for fintechs;
  • our brand-new MDC University project, where we will gather best-in-class learnings on topics relevant to your credit union and provide them to your staff in manageable, easy-to-consume courses (we’re starting with member experience!);
  • the incredible success we’ve had in launching our new CUSO, CU NexGen, and exclusive opportunities for MDC owners;
  • developing trends in the use of emerging technology (we’ll hear from Verizon about the impact of 5G and from ABAKA about the implications of AI for improving financial health);
  • the latest methodology for measuring member experience using the Customer Experience Index Score;
  • new developments in mobile banking—and the corresponding expectations consumers have for your credit union’s mobile banking platform; and
  • what the boom in digital experiences during the pandemic, from visits to the doctor to grocery delivery, means for your credit union’s long-term strategy.

This may seem like a lot for a virtual meeting, but we have plans to make sure you get plenty of breaks—and we’ve included a lot of fun surprises and goodies for you throughout the day (yup, we are sending the first 400 of our owners to register a big box of fun!). Our sponsors have really stepped up to make this happen and create a virtual meeting experience that is not just meaningful and engaging, but also entertaining and fun, so many thanks to those partners who made this possible!

We’ll then close with another reception complete with some more fun things to enjoy (and a couple of surprises too!) while virtually networking with your peers (sponsored by CU Railz!).

We can’t wait to be virtually with you all on August 4!

So, MDC owners, be sure to register on MDC Connect today and put our owner meeting on your calendars for August 4!

Thank you to all of our sponsors!