Members Development Company’s 2021 Digital Winter Owner Meeting: What to Expect at our Upcoming Event

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Last August, MDC hosted our first-ever digital owner meeting, and while we were confident we could deliver a positive experience to our owners in the age of social distancing, we were still blown away by the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our attendees! Thank you again to our owners for making our August meeting the best-attended event in MDC’s history, both in terms of the number of attendees and the percentage of owners represented.

Now, backed by both the positive energy we received from our owners (along with some helpful constructive feedback) and the experience we gained doing this for the first time just a few months ago, MDC is again connecting owners through engaging content, insightful thought leaders, and—as always—by some having fun, too!

What can owners expect? To start, we’ve upped our game on delivering the “fun part” of MDC owner meetings in a virtual environment with two fully interactive receptions, including an opening reception on Wednesday and a main reception on Thursday after our day of informative and engaging presentations sessions is over. This Thursday reception will feature multiple reception “rooms,” complete with a variety of options for entertainment and engaging with each other.

And let’s not forgot the fabulous SWAG from the now-famous owner meeting boxes, which will be mailed to all participants who registered by the deadline of January 19. Those who did so can follow along with the presentations throughout the day while opening a combination of goodies and promotional items to make the meeting more interactive and fun. Thanks go to our sponsors for making this part of the experience possible for our attendees.

As for the meeting itself, our owners can again look forward to receiving all the most important and relevant updates from MDC and our partners on both what we’ve accomplished for them over the last several months and what we look forward to delivering in the near future—plus the thought leadership our network’s gatherings are famous for. Our agenda in includes:

  • a report on our investigations into open core banking options;
  • expert insights on how the impending artificial intelligence revolution will impact our lives and organizations—and how credit unions can best position themselves for success;
  • thought leadership on the future of credit union call centers in the post-COVID world;
  • an analysis of the financial health of credit union members (and employees!) and a framework on how to best support them during the ongoing public health crisis and beyond;
  • updates from our new CUSO, CU NextGen, on new opportunities to make your credit union’s digital transformation more complete;
  • new ideas for the credit union industry developed by MDC’s NextUP program; and
  • thought leadership on what it means to navigate as organizations and individuals in an increasingly digitized society.

Plus, we’ll have yet another engaging and thought-provoking keynote from best-selling author and award-winning innovator, Jeremy Gutsche, the CEO of Trend Hunter. In his keynote, Gutsche will share how he and his team of experts navigate the diverse chaos of modern-day consumer and cultural market trends to help his clients predict—and shape—the future.

Registration remains open for a few more days at MDC Connect, so be sure to register to get these updates and more!

Finally, a special thank you to all our sponsors for MDC’s 2021 Digital Winter Owner Meeting! Your support is what helps keep MDC’s owner meetings one of the best experiences in the industry!