Owner Resource Spotlight: CEB TowerGroup Research

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One of the many advantages of being an MDC owner is your access to research from CEB TowerGroup.  Access to this financial research is a valuable resource that MDC owners can access through our intranet site, MDC Connect.

In just the first two months of 2018, MDC has posted 15 articles from CEB TowerGroup for our owners, and our database of articles goes back to 2014, featuring over 200 relevant articles from the group’s top-notch financial industry researchers. Access to this research would normally cost one of our owners over $50,000 each year, but it’s one of the many resources our owners have pulled together to access via MDC as a group.

Recent CEB TowerGroup research we’ve posted has included insights into:

  • how to better analyze data you already have to better understand your members,
  • the current state of customer experience within the financial services sector,
  • the top ten technologies for retail banking in 2018,
  • and more!

As a reminder, owner staff must register at our MDC Connect site to access this research. Once they have registered, they will also be able to access information about MDC’s other resources, including information about past and ongoing MDC research projects and session videos and other resources from our past MDC owner meetings.