Project Update: Student Loan Pilots – We Want You!

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Earlier this month we were thrilled to have both ChangEd and Peanut Butter present their fintech solutions to our 2018 Summer Owner Meeting—solutions that help our members fast-track getting rid of their student loan debt. ChangEd is an automated debt repayment solution (a form of a round-up program), and Peanut Butter is an employer-sponsored program that offers credit unions a student debt repayment benefit.

Check out their presentations on MDC Connect (just click on Owner Meetings, then Owner Meeting Resources to access the video!) to learn more about the way their solutions work.

Pilots with these solutions will run through the next owner meeting in San Diego on February 5-6, and we’d like your credit union to join MDC, ChangEd, and Peanut Butter on this important work. We’ll use the data you generate as part of this process to create a case study on how any of our owners can use these solutions to help credit union members across the country overcome the burden of student debt.

Contact Sarah Lietz for more information on these pilot opportunities today!

MDC Owner Discounts Coming Soon

MDC is now working with both ChangEd and Peanut Butter partners to provide our owners with favorable discounted pricing. We will also be conducting high-level due diligence on both, which will allow our MDC credit unions to implement these solutions quickly and take advantage of the reduced cost. More details will be coming your way soon.

Remember, student debt directly and negatively impacts our member’s financial health. It may be a big problem, but it’s a solvable one. And our businesses, employees, and members will see an immediate return on the investments we make to address this crisis! Let’s do something meaningful about it together!