Summer Owner Meeting Recap—Looking to the Future

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It is hard to believe another Owner Meeting has come to a close. We are continually amazed by the energy and enthusiasm our owners bring to these events and the momentum they provide. As we reflect on our time together last week, we wanted to appreciate the content, speakers, and participants involved, as well as highlight some of our favorite moments.

The week started off with our 2018 Innovation Council (IC). This year’s council met the two days leading up to the Owner Meeting to innovate, brainstorm, and ideate potential future projects. We like to call this group our “champions of creativity” as they represent a variety of owners and backgrounds that all embody innovation in their everyday work. We started out with some fun activities to get our creative juices flowing and came up with as many project ideas as we could. We then spent time scoring, combining, and narrowing down our ideas to select the strongest and most compelling. We look forward to building on these ideas between now and our next Owner Meeting where our IC will present their progress.

Before the big Owner Meeting event kicked off on Wednesday, we were thrilled to host two Deep Dive sessions as an exclusive opportunity for our attendees. Our friends at EVERFI discussed how to integrate financial education into your 2018 strategic plan. In tandem to this, our friends at Baker Tilly dove into how to innovate around member experience. Both events had excellent participation and were a great chance to really get into the nitty-gritty details.

Our Owner Meeting began on Wednesday afternoon, with the theme, “Looking to the Future”—a trend we are focusing on more critically and strategically at MDC. As technology integrates even deeper into consumers’ lives, our industry is feeling the profound effects. That is why it is important to look forward to address the potential industry impact now and plan for change. To do this, we must look further than just 12 to 24 months down the line, but challenge ourselves to look 5, 10, even 15 years deeper to the potential changes our industry may face. That is why we brought in futurist Garry Golden (from futurethink) to help guide us in this direction, think differently, and come together as a network with responses to these possibilities. From his compelling presentations on demographics and blockchain, to the table workshops he facilitated, Garry was a crucial part of this particular Owner Meeting and we are thrilled with the outcome. We have tons of ideas and notes from owners from our work with Garry and look forward to providing an update based on this feedback soon!

Adding to all of these highlights, our speakers did NOT disappoint. We kicked things off with keynote speaker Josh Linker of the Institute for Applied Creativity. Josh taught us the 5 obsessions of everyday leaders. With fun video clips and case studies to supplement his content, this presentation was captivating and left the audience craving more. It was the perfect way to start the event.

Building on the excitement we had speakers from a variety of backgrounds share their insights such as Patrick Schwerdtfeger of Trend Mastery Inc. discussing machine learning, all the way to Brenton Peck of CFSI discussing opportunities in partnering with fin-tech. Each of our speakers brought a unique perspective to the table and provided tons of takeaways for our owners.

Yet again, our Owner Meetings continue to break attendance records. This event shattered previous statistics in every category to-date including a record 174 attendees averaging almost 3 employees per participating credit union. In addition to this, a record 94% of our owners were represented. These numbers are staggering—and we believe they are a testament to the value our Owner Meetings provide and the actionable takeaways our attendees bring home. As we look toward our Winter Owner Meeting, let’s keep these statistics strong and continue our powerful energy.

As always, there was great social media engagement throughout this event to add to the conversation. We live-tweeted using #MDCOwnerMeeting and loved the participation we received from owners on the social sphere. Be sure to check out our Twitter page to view the full conversation.

Again, thank you to all owners who were able to attend this memorable event! If you were not able to attend but would like to check out all meeting resources, please visit OnBoard or MDC Connect for the full presentation book. And new this time—we will also be sharing video from our owner meeting. More on that soon!

Finally, save the date for our Winter Owner Meeting, which will be at the EPIC hotel in Miami February 13-14, 2018. Let’s build on this energy and continue to challenge ourselves as an MDC network—see you there!