Our Summer Owner Meeting Tops the Charts

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“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Our MDC team simply cannot say it enough to express our gratitude to our owners for attending the recent Summer Owner Meeting. We focused on some of the most important and relevant topics in our credit union industry, learned from SMEs, collaborated like crazy, and had some serious fun (rooftop Jenga anyone?)!

If you attended the meeting and have not already done so, please take our survey and provide us with the critical feedback we need to keep these events top-notch. Simply contact Sarah Lietz and she will be happy to pass along the links! We’ve begun glancing through some of our surveys already and so far, we’ve heard some loud-and-proud reviews:

  • Great venue, good food, enjoyable company / networking opportunity.
  • I appreciate this group and will send out invites to peers I’ve networked with to encourage participation.
  • Great thought-provoking content that is actionable.
  • First time attending—forum was very well organized and had a great time.
  • My Top 3 takeaways only scratch the surface of what I got out of the conference. Thanks so much for all of your efforts to make this a great couple of days. I look forward to the next one.
  • The meeting was great and probably makes my top conference list. MDC is a great organization providing the “million dollar” R&D arm to the owner credit unions.
  • Very relevant and useful info all around!

Weren’t able to attend but would like to brush up on some of the content covered? Visit MDC Connect for project deliverables and check out our twitter-feed where we live-tweeted the whole event! Some of the themes we saw throughout our two days included:

  • Blockchain and Bitcoin are here to stay—in fact, we hosted a Payments Panel on Day 1 where several SME’s discussed the future of payments and the implications to credit unions. Want to share your thoughts about this space with us? Contact Jeff Kline.
  • Personalization is critical, but don’t get creepy—we just wrapped up the next stage of our Personalization Project and presented our findings. We found that consumers are now expecting personalized messages, but there is a fine line on how much they want you to tailor products and services to them. Find out which channels and messages are “do’s” and steer clear of the “don’ts” in MDC Connect.
  • MDC is working on developing a couple mobile apps, and they are at a critical point for you to get involved. We need your support on three mobile apps which are rapidly turning from ideas into reality. Step in and see what Mortgage Buddy, Sundown, and Experience Point Incentive are all about. Visit MDC Connect for more information and contact Kent Zimmer with your enthusiasm for these projects.
  • Innovation is still a sexy topic—in fact, we are currently considering the design of an MDC-branded Innovation Program to teach our owners how to truly take Innovation in-house and integrate into the credit union culture. Want to learn more about this exciting opportunity? Visit MDC Connect and contact Sarah Lietz with your interest.

This, of course, is only a snapshot of the stimulating content we covered during our two days in Chicago. With record-breaking crowds and 93% of owners represented, we’re thrilled with all of the positive feedback and energy we cultivated from you!

Save the date! Be sure to mark your calendars and get ready for our next Owner Meeting in sunny Phoenix, Arizona on February 8-9, 2017. In the meantime, we are already dreaming of all of the fun to come at our next event and look forward to continuing our work on meaningful initiatives for you and the rest of our industry leaders.