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MDC owners have funded almost $500M in developments in the last 4 years.

Our network is more than just collaboration for today – we are leading innovations to impact the future. By uniting credit union leaders, MDC empowers conversations that lead to action. Our history shows a long line of programs, tools, and offerings changing the credit union landscape.
Members Development Company

In The Press

Visionary Leader Jeff Kline to Retire as MDC CEO, Leaving a Legacy of Innovation and Collaboration

Kansas City, Mo., July 17, 2024 – Members Development Company (MDC) has announced that Jeff Kline will retire as CEO…

Why Credit Unions Work With MDC

I cannot communicate the value enough around what MDC does – what it offers. The networking alone is worth it…These are conversations you cannot get in local chapter meetings or league, conversations you can’t get from round tables or lunches you have with your peers locally.

David Tuyo

President/CEO,University Credit Union

I think it [MDC Ownership] has lived above our expectations for what we have gotten – access to great research, the opportunity to fully participate in creating the innovation and the ideas by having our team members participate in NextUP, the opportunity to network with other large institutions…I think by the programs we have attended as well as participated in with MDC, we feel we are getting beyond the value we were expecting…

April Clobes

President/CEO, Michigan State University Federal Credit Union

Credit unions are putting in a small amount of money overall [to be part of MDC] to create a very big pool of money that we can do a whole bunch of things with when we work on these things together.

Amy Sink

CEO, Interra Credit Union

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