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Networking Opportunities

Bringing credit union leaders together is our passion. Whether it be in person or virtual, we are dedicated to uniting our network of progressive thought-leaders.

We offer a variety of opportunities for our community to come together including our Owner Meetings, innovation sessions with our NextUP program, and specially curated topic-specific workshops.

I was able to attend both days virtually and it was the best hybrid experience I’ve ever had – the audio, visual, app, and website were all top notch. Y’all made us feel like we truly were VIPs by including us in the activities, having an active chat, mentioning us during sessions, sending us the awesome goodie box, and with the sneak peeks Kristin gave us as she roamed the halls. Add to all of that, the content was extremely interesting and valuable for me.

Michele Harris, Staff Support Specialist
Michele Harris

The NextUP program is the “jet fuel” for credit union distinction, personnel development, and innovation skills and capability development. I am honored to help facilitate the research, innovation and NextUP program activities. The ideas that incubate from the program activities are the future competitive advantage for the MDC owners. The skills that the NextUP participants develop will equip them to be future leaders.

Kurt Schroeder, Chief Member Experience Advisor
kurt schroeder

We have been members of MDC for a few years now, and we are very impressed with the team they have! They are insightful and inquisitive, and they love to dig into the gory details. The owner meetings provide a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, hear about what they are doing in their CUs, and just discuss what the future holds for our industry. MDC also has fantastic speakers that you don’t hear at other conferences, and they are very thought-provoking.

Laura Campbell, President
Laura Campbell

The ideas and research coming from the NextUP Program are completely unlike any other program in the movement. There is no other group that not only develops the initial idea but then spends the following 12 to 18 months bringing it to reality. Ideas, backed by research, partnerships, and execution can change the world.

Kris Kovacs, CEO
Kris Kovacs