MDC In The News

"Heuristics: The Powerful Tool in Your MX Skillset" Sarah Lietz Op/Ed

09/04/2020 Credit Union Times

"Members Development Company and CU NextGen Announce Kent Zimmer as CU NextGen's CEO" Press Release

09/01/2020 CU Today

"R&D CUSO Owners Hear from Experts – Some Whose Expertise is Literally Out of this World" Press Release


"CUNA Councils White Paper: Robotic Process Automation" MDC Contributors

08/13/2020 CUNA Councils

"Members Development Company Focuses on Enhancing Value to Owners; Sarah Lietz Promoted to Chief Experience Officer" Press Release

07/20/2020 CU Today

"New CUSO, CU NextGen, Connects Siloed Systems, Offers Latest in RPA, Chatbot and AI Technology" Press Release


“Partnering With Fintechs Is Critical“ Jeff Kline Op/Ed

04/16/2020 CUtoday’s The ‘tude

"MEMBERS Development Company Partners with Four Leading Credit Union Organizations" Press Release


“R&D CUSO designs more efficient member relationship management system, hears from leading technology experts” Press Release


02/24/2020 CU Insight

“Collaboration: A Building Block for Innovation” Sarah Lietz Op/Ed

02/03/2020 CU Times

“Maturation in Member Experience: Gauging Whether You Meet Your Members’ Expectations in Today’s Age of Experience” Sarah Lietz Op/Ed

12/06/2019 CU Business

“Seeing your financial future – literally” Gigi Hyland Op/Ed

10/23/2019 CUInsight