MDC In The News

"Venture capital fund plays role of credit union-fintech matchmaker" MDC Partner: Curql Fund

06/04/2021 American Banker

"First Close announced for $150 million venture capital fund: Curql" MDC Partner: Curql Fund

04/07/2021 CU Insight

"Members Development Company Announces Successful Capital Raise for Fintech Venture Fund at Owner Meeting" Press Release

02/22/2021 CUToday (Owner Meeting)
02/22/2021 CUToday (Board Elections)

"PSCU Announces Findings of 'How Credit Unions Can Become Financial Health Providers' Study" MDC Partners: PSCU and Financial Health Network

02/17/2021 PSCU

"Avtex and CU NextGen Announce Partnership" MDC Partner: CU NextGen

02/10/21 Business Wire

"Shaping the future of credit unions: How investment collaboration can transform the industry" MDC Partner: Next Level Ventures

02/02/21 CU Insight

"New Venture Capital Firm Curql brings investment collaboration to credit union industry" MDC Partner: Curql Fund

02/02/21 CU Insight

"Members Development Company Adds Staff, Responding to Recent Ownership Growth" Press Release


"Measurement matters in improving financial health" MDC partner: Financial Health Network

01/26/21 CU Insight

"Pandemic Pushes Innovation On Delivering Existing Promises" MDC Contributors

11/01/20 CU Management

"Listening For Innovative Ideas" MDC Contributors

11/01/20 CU Management

"What Will Drive Success in an Increasingly Digital World?" Sarah Lietz Op/Ed

10/31/20 - CUtoday