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Research for Development

At MDC, we leverage the strength and resources of 80+ progressive leaders in the credit union industry and collaborate to push forward to the future together.

Driven by our goal to provide relevant projects and content, the topics we prioritize are guided by a combination of owner input, the expertise of thought leaders, and the research we commission.

Our consistent objective is to provide relevant, practical, and actionable deliverables so our owners can bring them to bear at their organizations.


MDC’s Project Strategy

MDC’s strategic pillars are supported by data, analytics, and innovation. We build on foundations that push data and digital envelopes, ensuring our owners always strive toward the future.

Our recently updated project strategy places our unified focus on four areas where MDC is firmly positioned to impact owners and their members significantly. These pillars reflect the topics we view as areas where credit unions can close a gap or continue to push the financial industry forward.

Our four focus areas are:

Each of these focus areas are supported by foundational commitments to pushing the envelopes of data analytics and digital experiences and to keeping active innovation a constant within our network.

Futures & Innovation

Monitoring signals, drivers, and trends enable credit unions to anticipate potential shifts in member preferences and technological advancements resulting in a more thoughtful approach to strategic planning.

Strategic Growth

Leveraging the power of the collective MDC owner community to assess, develop, and implement tools, technology, and partnerships that lead to a competitive advantage.

Total Experience

Researching and developing resources empower our owners to define and execute best-in-class member experiences with a focus on the mission, vision, and values of our owners’ organizations.

Emerging Technologies

Pioneering emerging technologies that deliver digital excellence, operational efficiencies, enhanced member experiences, and organizational resilience for credit unions.

We benefit from the combined research and development of nearly 50 progressive credit unions, and in turn, we are able to deploy our resources to help bring meaningful initiatives to reality. Ownership will also allow us to use that R&D to determine what will work well for Meritrust and, equally as important, what will not.

James Nastars, President/CEO
James Nastars

We’ve always found MDC to be an excellent resource for research and information that has allowed us to remain at the forefront of the financial services industry. Our participation in MDC research projects has enabled our credit union to get top-notch research at a fraction of the cost of doing the research ourselves. In addition, the networking at each of MDC’s semi-annual owner meetings is invaluable in helping to move our credit union forward.

John J. Wagner, SVP for Member Experience
John J. Wagner

As an owner, we have access to Tower Research papers that we couldn’t afford on our own and, of course, all of that research and the vetting of vendors performed by MDC itself. You can’t hire your own employee and do what they do for what they charge the owners! It is money well spent!

Laura Campbell, President
Laura Campbell