“We benefit from the combined research and development of nearly 50 progressive credit unions, and in turn, we are able to deploy our resources to help bring meaningful initiatives to reality. Ownership will also allow us to use that R&D to determine what will work well for Meritrust and, equally as important, what will not.”
James Nastars

President/CEO, Meritrust Credit Union

April Clobes

President/CEO, Michigan State University Federal Credit Union

Kevin Johnson

President/CEO, Suncoast Credit Union

“We have been members of MDC for a few years now, and we are very impressed with the team they have! They are insightful and inquisitive, and they love to dig into the gory details. The owner meetings provide a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, hear about what they are doing in their CUs, and just discuss what the future holds for our industry. MDC also has fantastic speakers that you don’t hear at other conferences, and they are very thought-provoking. As an owner, we have access to Tower Research papers that we couldn’t afford on our own and, of course, all of that research and the vetting of vendors performed by MDC itself. You can’t hire your own employee and do what they do for what they charge the owners! It is money well spent!”
Laura Campbell

President, FIGFCU

“Being part of MDC has allowed Campus USA Credit Union to explore numerous subjects that we would not have normally had time to pursue. Being able to collaborate with MDC executives has provided value well beyond any amount of money. I would strongly recommend MEMBERS Development Company to any credit union looking to collaboratively tackle the challenges facing our industry today and tomorrow.”
Jeff Thieman

COO, Campus USA Credit Union

David Tuyo

President/CEO, University Credit Union