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About MDC

MDC is the credit union network’s multi-million-dollar R&D department. We scan the horizon, research the issues, and create actionable solutions to solve problems for today – and tomorrow.

By pooling the resources of 82 credit union and CUSO owners MDC is able to deliver meaningful solutions efficiently and affordably. We learn the lessons of what does and doesn’t work — without exhausting your credit union’s budget for exploration and development.

We also believe that our research must be driven by our owners, for our owners. While we do the heavy lifting, our credit union owners both advise and participate in the work not just investors, but partners.


The Collaborative Force For Credit Union Success

At MDC, today we are 82 owners strong, and our work centers on fulfilling our vision to be the collaborative force accelerating credit union success.

We accomplish that by leveraging the combined strengths of our owners and dynamic partners to develop or identify innovative products and services that fulfill the needs and exceed the expectations of our credit unions and their members.

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Our people and leadership


With more than two decades of momentum, MDC was created in 2000 as a collaboration between CUNA Mutual Group and 36 large, progressive credit unions that saw the need to collaborate on issues facing the industry.

While our CUSO’s initial focus was on investment services, over time we responded to the needs of our owners and shifted that focus onto retail banking.

Members Trust Company
CU BizSource
BrightLeaf Financial
Result 150
Constellation Digital Partners
CU Railz
CU NextGen and Curql Collective

The MDC Experience


MDC’s strength comes from the rich experiences, deep insights and positive energy of the credit unions who share our vision. Our credit union and CUSO owners are progressive, proactive, responsive, and forward-thinking, recognizing the need for our industry to adapt to an ever more digital and accelerating economy.


Spanning the country from Anchorage to Miami and from San Diego to New England, our owners work together to become more than the sum of their parts. Those who are the most engaged with the work we do reap rewards that far outpace the cost associated with ownership.


Our semi-annual owner meetings deliver stimulating content and unique speakers who challenge our network of credit unions to excel in new ways. Our sales-free event environment is unique to MDC, providing our owners the best opportunity to network and build relationships with other progressive and innovative organizations.


Innovation is the foundation of MDC, and our annual NextUP program gathers both up-and-comers and seasoned performers representing the brightest stars from across our ownership to create new ideas for our industry. Participants collaborate with each other, MDC staff, and outside subject-matter experts to develop novel solutions to the problems they see on the front lines. Sending a representative to NextUP helps our owners foster innovation within their ranks, while building a network of collaborators across progressive credit unions throughout the country.


Having the most owners is not our goal. It’s about having the right owners. By keeping our growth manageable and being selective about whom we partner with, we maintain a clear vision of our owners’ needs and what deliverables will best fulfill them.

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mdc connect

MDC Connect is home to all of our exclusive, owner-only content. Here you will find updates on our projects, hand-picked research, and networking information for fellow owners!

Why Credit Unions Work With MDC

Credit unions are putting in a small amount of money overall [to be part of MDC] to create a very big pool of money that we can do a whole bunch of things with when we work on these things together.

Amy Sink
CEO, Interra Credit Union

I cannot communicate the value enough around what MDC does – what it offers. The networking alone is worth it…These are conversations you cannot get in local chapter meetings or league, conversations you can’t get from round tables or lunches you have with your peers locally.

David Tuyo
President/CEO, University Credit Union

I think it [MDC Ownership] has lived above our expectations for what we have gotten – access to great research, the opportunity to fully participate in creating the innovation and the ideas by having our team members participate in NextUP, the opportunity to network with other large institutions…I think by the programs we have attended as well as participated in with MDC, we feel we are getting beyond the value we were expecting…

April Clobes
President/CEO, Michigan State University Federal Credit Union

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