Thomas Moore

Executive Vice President, Baxter Credit Union
MDC Board Chair

We always have an opportunity to learn as MDC brings in thought leaders from inside and outside of the industry.

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Amy Sink

CEO, Interra Credit Union
MDC Board Vice Chair

I enjoy networking with other credit unions and being involved in projects that help our members.

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Kevin Johnson

CEO, Suncoast Credit Union
MDC Board Secretary/Treasurer

I have enjoyed leading various credit union initiatives for the past 31 years and am energized by continuing my mission with MDC.

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Laura Campbell


I really enjoy being exposed to ongoing research that will help us serve our members better and meeting other like-minded CUs.

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April Clobes

President and CEO
Michigan State University Federal Credit Union

We joined MDC to get access to great research, the opportunity to fully participate in creating new ideas through NextUP, the chance to network with other large institutions, and to lead the credit industry forward, and we're getting beyond the value that we were expecting.

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John Hirabayashi

Community First Credit Union of Florida

I am very energized by working with smart, innovative people who want to see credit unions compete at a high level.

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Kyle Markland

Chief Operating Officer
Bethpage Federal Credit Union

I am a big proponent of MDC because of the opportunity to work with such a professional staff and other like-minded credit unions.

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Paul A. Marsh

President and CEO
Teachers Credit Union (TCU)

I enjoy getting a collaborative perspective on credit unions and our must-knows.

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James Nastars

Meritrust Credit Union

Meritrust has gotten a lot out of our involvement with MDC through our involvement in projects, especially since that gives us the opportunity to tailor the deliverables to our needs right here in Wichita.

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Laurie Winger

Senior Vice president of Planning and Business Finance
CUNA Mutual Group

As one of the newer board members, I enjoy learning more and digging deeper into MDC's initiatives.

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